I dated a guy who one day, seemingly fed up started telling me that I need to brush my hair. I told him what happens when I do, but he wouldn't listen. So one day I brushed it, took a picture of the ridiculous afro that resulted, sent it to him, and he finally let it go. It gets so huge, it's actually laughable.
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Hi crazycurlyhair, I would like to explain why I (as well as others) don't find this funny, because the issue you raise here is, I believe, really important.

This website is dedicated to the support, health, and gorgeousness of naturallly curly hair, and an afro is one of the most natural ways to wear some kinds of curly hair. This is why many of us don't think an afro should ever be described using the adjectives "ridiculous" or "laughable."

At the same time, I think your post makes an important point. It is so prevalent in much of mainstream American culture to see afros as "extreme" that some of us who have them think of our own hair as being "weird." When I was growing up, for example, I thought that there was something wrong with my hair. It wasn't until my mid-twenties that I realized that my hair had its own kind of amazing beauty.

Anyway, my point here is to say that, if you choose to style your curls that way, then your Afro should be cherished, not laughed at. If your boyfriend doesn't understand that, then that is his loss. Your hair is amazing, however you choose to wear it. I, for one, would love to see pics of you rockin your gorgeous fro!!
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You are way too sensitive. She was saying it looks funny on HER. C'mon now. Lighten up
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there is nothing sensitive about it. Try to post it on 4a forum and see how the girls there react to it.

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