hello everyone. i havent been around in quite some time, but i'm still growing out my silver and have been loving it up till recently.
Actually it's become very difficult over the last 6 months when all of a sudden my hair started coming out like crazy. I have been being treated for adrenal fatigue since that time as well and my thyroid is in the so called "normal" range- although i dont think my general dr. is reading the test with a more modern and up to date view... so, everything i'm reading and experiencing tells me that sure- my thryoid as well as adrenals are whacked.
Anyway, I've mourned the loss of my thick curls, and summoned up my strength when i do wash it to go on with it the way it is because i dont have a choice, do i?
Then, i've gotten proactive about it and am taking supplements: biotin & evening primrose oil as well as making sure i take my b's and magnesium. And i've realized i need more protein since my hair is so fine...

So, i guess i'm just coming here to commisserate and/or try to get anyones thoughts if you've been through this. i've tried not to think too far in the future as to what to do with my hair beyond this but i have considered if it get's any thinner i may have to cut it shorter. I do think the thinning has slowed considerably but i still cant be sure.

so. thanks in advance for anything you may offer.
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