I got it and I'm COARSE texture! HIGH porosity! & LOW elasticity!

You could've knocked me over with a feather. I did all of the tests so diligently and I was so certain I'd figured my hair out and that my hair was very healthy. After all I haven't used sulfates in years since I used wen as my conditioner/cleanser before I went CG. I only wanted the analysis as a kind of seal of approval. Now that I know what I am it rather makes sense because I had an episode this weekend in which my argan ecostyler ((which I liked and I'm really sad I may not be able to use anymore)) seemed to dry me out and that may've been because of its protein content. But now I don't know what to do in terms of other products to try. There aren't that many protein free stylers and the ones I like like kinky curly custard and aubrey organics b5 gel don't have enough to hold to last me that long. They make my hair look beautiful for most of the first day, but the curls aren't there for the second day and I love the second day hair I get with other gels. Besides who wants to wash their hair every day if they can avoid it?

Is it possible that my hair will change and get healthier so that I can have improved porosity and elasticity if not texture? I really hope so. I am also hoping (maybe in vain) that my hair is not as coarse as it feels but is just dry right now since I only started CG in November. It feels soft and healthy most of the time but I did notice when I was plucking it out of my head when it was clean (free of leave-in and stylers) that it felt rather dry. Aw shucks. I'm still glad I know what I know but at the same time I wish I'd known it earlier, you know? Wow that is a lot of you knows. I hope someone does know and that there is a way back from this. Other than my having to wait for my new virgin hair to grow in healthy. I am patient though. And I do love my hair curly now just as much as when I used to wear it straight. I only wish it curled as much as it used to and I guess now I know why it doesn't. Oh well. Something to look forward to. I have to keep telling myself that.