Wait! Don't jump out of your hair just yet (Sorry, couldn't resist )

Something to consider about this whole "hair properties" thing: Certain hair properties do change, in fact are likely to change, over time. Any of the following can make normal porosity high and/or cause reduced elasticity: the act of using thermal heat or chemicals for straightening or styling; coloring, bleaching ... even using certain otherwise harmless or natural agents that simply don't "agree" with your particular head of hair.

Also, hormones, stress and a gazillion other physiological and environmental factors can change not just some of your hair properties, but even your "curl type" (size).

I hope any "hair analysis" service out there includes a disclaimer that "results may vary over time". Sounds like maybe the one you used didn't. Without a disclaimer, when peoples' hair properties change, they may fail to realize they need to switch products or re-adjust their routines.

And yes, porosity can be improved, as can elasticity. Often protein reconstructive treatments are helpful, as a start.

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