Well, I edited out the post I left about three minutes ago because it was too snide.

I'm just glad people jumped in and responded to the "afro remark". You know, that frenemy of yours (the guy who disses curly haired women to your face), has caused you pain - pain that you talked about here, with us. In a twist of irony, the remark you made about afros is capable of causing others pain too, even just strangers. No one with any curl type likes their natural look being demeaned.

Luckily, many of us at NC.com understand that all curl types, including hair that can be styled into an afro, are wonderful and beautiful. And we're all in this thing together as curlies, cause, like you're learning: while you're busy making a joke out of an afro (even on your own head), someone somewhere is willing and ready to make a joke out of your curls in their natural state. ... Which reminds me: you may want to rethink time spent around that judgmental frenemy of yours. He sounds like a spiritual vampire.

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