Thanks guys. I feel better. I used the live curly live free analysis since I love that website and they do say repeatedly I believe that properties can change over time. That is why I think I'll ask for another analysis in January of 2014. (See I am hopeful about staying curly and CG.) But they also say high porosity is always a cause of damage and that low elasticity can be too. I have dyed my hair red in the past but it has been natural for a few years and I didn't think my little ole flat iron was as bad as the hype. And I, don't kill me, didn't always use heat protectant. I mean I would on occasion but sometimes I felt like if I were to use it it would bring me one day closer to washing my hair and the whole idea was to straighten my hair less often to minimize damage. Oh what a fool I was. Me and my convoluted logic! Now I am just mad at my past self and wish I could go back in time and give her a stiff kick in the butt.

Korkscrew do you think a protein treatment would be a good thing then? According to my coarse texture I should avoid protein because my hair is already strong but then according to my properties that may indicate damage like the high porosity and low elasticity, I might need some protein. See that's another thing I'm super confused about that I forgot to mention!

Also Aqua_Lily I thought medium porosity was the ideal, right? So that not too much moisture was leaving the hair shaft but not too little was permeating it? That's what I understood. And now that I know I'm high porosity I think it explains why my hair dries so quickly compared to other people even though it is thick. I heard other people complaining about kinky curly custard taking ages to dry but for me it's at most an hour and a half and I do have long hair. So much to think about. This is bad because I am the sort of person who likes to analyze things from every angle.