I am a 2c/3a curly with very short (down to my earlobes) length, low porosity, high density, and medium/fine width. I am going completely product free save a bit of sulfate free mousse after "washing" my hair (with just water only, no products at all). I just had a few questions for anyone else using a similar method.

What do you do to keep your hair from going crazy at night? My hair isn't long enough to do the pineapple and by the time I wake up in the morning my curls are going every where. I often end up with so much volume I feel like a troll, most of my curls are standing straight up and the only way for me to tame my hair is to get it completely wet and start over. Which leads to my next question, is it ok to wet your hair every day and restyle it? Or will that upset the natural oil production somehow?

My last question might come off as kind of confusing so I'll try to explain it as best I can. I was told by another lady doing the same routine as I am that in order to not become greasy she has to give herself a scalp massage daily; to help pull the oil from her scalp to distribute it over the entire length of hair. She has stick straight hair and couldn't help me with my other questions, but I know with curly hair you aren't supposed to touch your hair much because it separates the curls. So if I do a scalp massage daily my curls will separate and I'll have to re-wet my hair and start all over, will this end up removing the natural oils?