Baking soda cleanses, and it also opens the cuticles (that's great for low-po hair). ACV helps to restore the ph level, conditions the hair, and closes the cuticle (something low-pos don't need help with but we need the other two benefits).

I use this combo as a clarifying wash occasionally. I only recently learned that bs opens the cuticle so last time I decided to do bs/conditioner/ACV/LI. It seemed to work quite nicely.
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I know this post was a long time ago but OH MY GOSH thank you so much for this! I found out I have VERY low porosity hair and started reading on here and found this. I started thinking about it and it makes so much sense! It's really hard for low porosity hair to absorb moisture so if you use baking soda to open the cuticle first, it's much easier for your hair to absorb whatever moisturizer you then use.

Had amazzzing results. Used baking soda, then conditioner to try to get moisture in, then rinse with ACV to close cuticles again and LI for styling. Shiney, defined curl, soft and moisturized, and VOLUME. WOW! I seriously think I went from 2c to 3a just from using this method. Thanks again!!!
High type: 2c/3a curl, a bit fine, medium density, VERY low porosity
Length: BSL (going for waist)
Ombre hair with warm brown/golden copper (grown out bleached ends and red henna overtop)
Hair loves touch.
Products: Live Clean but...
new here and currently researching better products to achieve better definition and VOLUME for my hair type! Haven't decided yet what to try....