Not happy. Monday My regular doc office wasn't picking up phone for hours. I call one urgent clinic to make sure they take my ins and lady on the phone was snitty. Call another no anwser but I went anyway. The professionalism was a little off but it was okay. The thing is doc gave me two scripts and told me to stop taking ibuprofen. The anti inflamatory meds say take once a day. I had never taken a once a day pain pill but followed instructions so not to OD. By late nights my wrist is throbbing. I had to sleep with it wrapped in heating pad last night. I called pharmacist and he told me that medication only lasts 10 hours. He said I can take Alleve at night. I'm sooo pissed. I'm very tempted to call that office and complain about being made to suffer.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.