My sister decided to not get induced andd wait! She did extensive research and she wants to give her baby a chance to come the natural way. She also said she wants the experience of her water breaking. I'm very excited that she changed her mind. Birthing should be a natural thing not forced. She isnt even 41weeks! Whats the rush?

Thank you to everybody who posted on here Especially those that supported my decision Your stories really confirmed that what I was talking about was right.

@ mcheryce you had to be induced and had a C section that is my sisters greatest fear. horror stories are there too prevent mistakes from being repeated. She need to hear them so she can make the best decision for her and her baby.
Like i said in the post my mom had 9 children natural at home in a third world country and she wouldn't have it any other way. My baby sister was born in the U.S and they wanted to hook her up to machines the minute the nurses walked out she pushed that baby on her own. She is no joke.

People like to focus on the negative and instill fear in women hearts while they are the most vulnerable. Doctors know pregnant women will do whats best for her baby .Your statement about deaths may be high in third world country because they lack proper healthcare but whats our excuse? We are top in medical advancement and still c section is the most common over natural birth. There is something shaddy about this. Just saying.

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