Personally I've never been bothered by that kind of marketing.

I take it more as people with x racial background are likely to have similar hair. This product is targeted towards y hair. There is a logic to that that doesn't seem odd to me in the least. Unless a company came out and explicity stated that a product was ONLY for a certain group and no one else could use it or that group couldn't use any of their other products would I be bothered by it.

I might just email them to find out the ingredients. I am curious now.
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Why is it The only x or y race hair I have ever seen subdivided on the shelves of United States major retailers is black people? And no we don't all have the same kind of hair. When Pantene comes out with their Asian Persuasion and White Wonders shampoo and conditioner maybe I will change my point of view. I thought at first Truly Natural was about truly natural ingredients but now I've lost interest. Meh. Not knocking anyone. just my opinion.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.