Ahhhh yes. I had to send my BF a valentines package when he was deployed. Trying to remember what I put in it...

-pillow case sprayed with my perfume
-cookies that I baked and used heart cookie cutters then I used pink and red sprinkles (imperial cookies)
-stuffed bear that was holding a heart
-card that you can record your own voice in
-video message on a USB stick
-cinnamon hearts and message hearts (those cheesy "I chooz u" ones lol)
-as much valentines related candy as I could find at the grocery store
-deck of cards and on each I wrote something I love about him
-local goodies and treats he was missing, and a city newspaper (this might not apply since he's still in the US)
-burned CD of some jams that we both had memories attached to
-obscene amount of little heart confetti sprinkled all over the box
-photo album
-pink handkerchief that he could carry in his uniform (again...might not apply..)

I think that was it... If I remember anything else I'll post back.
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