Hey people. I found this site and I have a question about my hair. What I do currently is never wash my hair and put jojoba oil in it like very other day. Here's a pic of what it looks like. Notice how it is NOT greasy at all - yet I never wash it.

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I am looking for a product that can make my curls nice and make it a little greasy with some hold that LASTS so maybe I could style it a little. You know what I mean? My mom and sister use products like bedhead and bumble and bumble. They simply do not work. That just make my hair frizzier, yet they have such great reviews. Is there a product that I can use along with the oil. I can't beleive I am asking for help w/ this on the internet lol. I'm kinda looking for something that has the same effect as jojoba oil, but with a little styling hold to make my hair look cooler and so it stays good when I wake up. Any ideas?