My parents, meaning well, would always say " would you please go brush that mess!?" I'd come back saying that you don't brush curly hair, unless you want a frizzy mess. Or my mom saying, "your hair looks so much better short....not so witch-like".
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I dated a guy who one day, seemingly fed up started telling me that I need to brush my hair. I told him what happens when I do, but he wouldn't listen. So one day I brushed it, took a picture of the ridiculous afro that resulted, sent it to him, and he finally let it go. It gets so huge, it's actually laughable.
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I read your other posts, I know you didnt mean to come off this way, and in the post right before this one you referred to 4a hair as beautiful. that being said, next time you tell this story say you made your hair into a big frizz ball. clearly thats what you were getting at, but afro does not equal frizz. im wearing a afro right now made up of beautiful 4a perfectly formed curls and coils with very little frizz. it is a afro because my hair when left to its own devices after drying, sticks up, no matter how well defined. this is how most afros are. so as you can see you used the wrong word to describe your hair when brushed.

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