I don't think you should look at properties as good/bad. They are what they are. IF porous hair is caused by heat, chemical or other damaging processes, it's possible that it will change. If it's the result of genetics, it's unlikely. The important thing in all of this is using that knowledge to benefit your hair. It gives you a place to start.

If your hair likes a product, there's no reason not to use it. While coarse hair usually doesn't care for protein, porous hair does. Your hair may like some protein and not others. It's all trial and error and finding out what works for you.

You'll know if your hair is changing. You'll see/feel it.
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Excellent post. Especially the part about "listening" to what the hair has to say. In my earlier years, I made the same mistake so often: stuck w/the same product (esp. conditioner) because I truly believed it was "good for" my hair even though my hair was obviously showing signs it was time to stop.

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