that's too bad!!

It is fairly concentrated, so I can see how that might happen for some.

But they greasy hay description - that just seems so off to me!! (Maybe it's the aloe, or glycerin, or protein? Idk!)

Isn't it funny how a product can be a disaster for one person and an HG for another?? Crazy fickle curly hair!! Lol!!
Originally Posted by Jas76
"Greasy hay" is the perfect description for what my hair was like after using this (see my earlier post)! I wanted to like it!

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Originally Posted by SKEETER
YES! Greasy hay is how I would describe it on my hair. It left a greasy coating as well as the stringy crunchines, with weird frizz.. I don't think my hair liked something in it, I just wish I knew for sure what ingredient my hair doesn't like. maybe the glycerin or protein. I don't know.

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