Afro was a bad choice of word. I mean...I'd be a little offended if someone said something made their hair look ridiculous and curly. Afro is a texture of hair. Beautiful at that. Although, when my hair is brushed out it DOES indeed look looks nothing like an afro. Just a case of bad word choice here guys.

But on another note...i straightened my hair a couple weeks ago...and my coworkers commented how pretty it was and how i should leave it like that and kept petting it...and when i was back curly, nada. Kind of hurts my feelings that they don't like my natural hair. BUT i LOVE it. So i move on ya know.

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I like that you're obviously sensitive to the pain that this name calling generally causes, from a personal standpoint and otherwise But I agree with what Anna just said, and what others are getting at:

A disparaging remark based on a physical feature associated with a particular ethnic group warrants attention and correction, because that type of remark is a step beyond a general curl-bashing remark. I've had people disparage the "Jewish" nature of my curls. To me that's as racially tinged as someone slamming hair for looking like an afro. Sorry, those type of comments go beyond a generic curly-bashing comment and I'm grateful that people here spoke up about it.

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