Hello Everyone.
I just registered today. I've been looking into the curly girl method now for over a few years. But I've been really nervous about changing my hair care habits. I have finally reached my wits end and I am surrendering to the curly girl gods.

I'm having a hard time deciding which type my hair falls into. I'm anywhere between a 2c and a 3a. my hair is fine and long and it doesn't soak in water. my hair dries really fast as a matter of fact. i do not dye it or use products. i hardly brush it unless it's wet and even then i try not to because it dries so fast. And my hair is REALLY affected by the weather. it falls flat and sometimes even goes straight underneath my crown. i really hate when that happens.

I'm going to start the curly girl method this weekend. and i'm really looking forward to it. if you have any advice or think i should look at a specific forum please let me know. all help is greatly appreciated!