hey all!

my name is lisa and im new to the forum.

for years i have been blow drying and flat ironing my 3a curls bc it wasnt "sexy or cool" to have curly hair.

spending the time on it i would always freak out and not do many styles or even touch it much bc i was afraid of it getting greasy and wasting my time of what i just worked out.

i would literally just wear it boring half up half down. EVERYDAY. thats it. if i wear it all down i feel like i am always touching it and it gets greasy.

starting last week i was like i am so unhappy and its actually get me upset my straight hair even though thats what i would "kill for"!

i went to my local target and bought of bunch of hair products and a diffuser, and although i am not really used to it yet. i am kinda digging how it looks...

it has alot of volume and i am not afraid to wear my hair all down, plus i feel like styles look more sexy! i am not afraid to do different styles as much bc it takes only like 10 -15 minutes to do my hair now...i scrunch diffuse & then retouch any stubborn curls (i have some 2b-c spots)it really is like a freeing experience. i went in the rain today and i didnt duck for cover or wrap a bunch of crap over my head to keep my hair dry from frizzing.

sometimes i look in the mirror and i miss my straight hair. but i keep reminding myself that this is what i was born with and i gotta try my hardest to rock it and eventually will totally fall in love.

so my question is to you guys. how did you learn to love your curls if u used to hate them in the passed.

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