Love all the help....thanks! I have had those properties for a while now so I should relook into it prob did change! :/ Thanks! Those products I barely use anymore...I've tried so many I really can't say all. Omg I didn't realize the argan oil had cones in it wth! I swear I never saw that how???? omg thanks so much! Well yes now I'm mod cg but I am going to try full cg again! I tried leaving my cond. In when I wash but it was toooo heavy and so I found cure care which works great doesn't weigh down at all! I use suave for cowash, gvpcb for RO. I tried vo5 for cowash but it became heavy on my hair after a while I guess. So for second day hair I. Just spray a little bit to refresh curl? Do I apply any kind of product or just spray?
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So many different refresh sprays are out there. I think lavender isn't as heavy and many different companies make it. Shea moisture has a refresh spray (not lavender) but it seems many CG's like to bash shea moisture bc their products are more thicker AND you have thinner hair it probably won't work. Remember, we can all help and you can take our advice, but it's all trial and error unfortunately. It sucks bc you trial it out, get excited, and then when the end result isn't what you want you feel defeated. However, that's the risk/journey of becoming a CG. Always remember you have thousands of women on here to help you.

On a side note, even though you have thinner hair, I still would recommend a little amt of coconut oil. If you don't use it excessive then it should be fine. Also, I highly recommend the plopping method regardless of long or short hair. It is simply a matter of making sure all the hair remains towards the top of your head.

Once again, Good Luck
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