That is a very interesting point that you make Samantha! I feel differently, I feel more free and more myself, with my curls. I feel as though I was oppressed when I felt like I had to straighten my hair to be normal and fit in with the general public. The amount of time that it took to straighten my hair was insane! I can't believe I did it as long as I did! Since I have gone natural I have not straightened my hair for a cut ever. I'm lucky enough to have my sister as my stylist and she gets it! She has been CG herself for several months now & is trying to get more of her clients to jump on the curly bus! You have to find the right stylist!!!!
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You know what, putting it this way help me understand the idea of where I was going with this post. You're right, it is more the opposite in this sense. You do feel a blockage trying to straighten the natural curls bc you feel it as a mere acceptance in society. I mean hell, women WITH straight hair naturally straighten their hair (never understood that). You made an excellent point and made me step out of the box with my comment. Thank you!
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