I SOTC with oil on my hands.

But several people on here have tried SOTC while wearing rubber gloves and say it's the best thing ever! I've yet to try it, but that's cheap and easy, so give it a shot!
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OMG that is so weird cause I was actually thinking about using gloves from now on when I have to SOTC but I thought, "Gloves? Are you crazy?!" and then I read your post and I'm like, "I KNEW IT!"
I'll try it and see what happens, thank you!

I use a minute dab of conditioner or moisturizing styler in my hands - just enough that my palms aren't dry. My favorite is Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Smoothie.
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Yeah I try to be very careful about adding anything too heavy on my hair when it's time to release the gel cast... But I'll try the conditioner trick if the rubber gloves doesn't work out. Thank you! I want to try Jane Carter's Nourish and Shine (I think that's the name) and it's a pomade to see if it'll melt the gel cast and leave my hair looking perfect, lol.
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