^^RCW, African black soap (the real kind--which is not black but brrown) is just as gentle as castile soap. (both pH 8-9) You might try that and see if you like it.
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No way would i use that on my face...the pH is too high and most soaps are waxy and clog pores. The castille cleanser that PSF used to make had its pH lowered.
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What I use doesn't clog pores. Even though it has soap in the title African black soap isn't soap in the traditional sense. It has helped me to keep my skin clear and I have a long history of breakouts, inflamed skin, hives, uneven skin tone and texture, and dermatitis.

I've also been using a clarisonic Mia for two weeks and an MUAC fade peel for two months and my skin looks awesome, even in a climate that my skin hates.
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I have used authentic african black soap. It clogs my pores. I'm a clogger though. I have to be much more careful than most people. I've worn out 2 Clarisonics. Clarisonic worked ok for me, but i think the lack of ability to ever truly clean the brush well is a problem, so I've moved on to skin spatulas to exfoliate and keep pores clear.
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This may not be of any use to you, but I've been using sulfate free shampoo that has neem in it to clean my clarisonic. My skin is naturally oily; even when I don't use a cleanser with oil, I turn the brush gray. Did I mention that I don't wear foundation? Lol so far this has been working.
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