B-Nessa not to sound insensitive, but get a toy. You have way too much going on right now from an emotional/mental standpoint to introduce another potential stressor in your life. You cannot predict how another person is going to act no matter what you tell them or what they say.

Please focus on your daughter, healing from your grief of losing your brother and determining whether you want to continue with your marriage.
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You make a good point....I'm going to do some thinking on this. I think adding this potential stressor is probably my way of distracting myself from my other issues. And at the same time adding unnecessary issues.
Eta: this post sounded retarded LOL. I know my mind is jacked up
How can I say goodbye P.L.G.
Who's My Hair?
3c/4a-b looking stuff lol
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Why I chopped: heat damage/breakage
Luv'd my permed hair I just didnt take care of it.
LUVVV my natural hair!!!

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