Mandy have you tried amazon? I noticed they sell deva products there very cheap compared to the department store and it's free shipping past $25 and depending on the seller sometimes no tax. Prices fluctuate from day to day and seller to seller and availability so sometimes you can get better deals than others. (I was watching a gel for a full week before it went down to the price I wanted it to.)

Here's the link for the 32 ounce devacurl angel for $26 which is I think a $14 savings: Deva Curl Angel 32oz: Beauty

and this the link for the one conditioner for $31 so $9 off: Deva Curl Ultra Creamy Daily Conditioner, One Condition, 32-Ounces: Beauty

I noticed some people complaining in the reviews about whether or not the products were watered down or fakes but rest assured if you have any problems amazon lets you return the product for free and you get a full refund. They also put the seller on probation. I know because I ordered some curl keeper a few weeks ago and some of the product seemed to be missing and they gave me an instant refund and looked into the seller. I also ordered some devacurl ultra defining gel which I had no problems with and do rather like but I'm going to use it sparingly now that I think my hair may be protein sensitive.

They also sell deva products on and while I'm not sure there's already a discount there you get a 20% instant coupon on the front page on your entire order if you enter your email address. Also is a great place to buy discount perfumes which is how I learned about in the first place.

I personally prefer to get my hair care products on the ground but the internet ain't too shabby.