I would do this at the salon, especially if you are not experienced. Not because of curl loosening, but a little but because of damage and mostly because of color outcome. If your hair is not already naturally very light, it WILL turn at best, a banana yellow shade that you will have to know how to tone. More likely it'll turn bright gold/orange. Bleaching often takes two steps (at least) to get to the platinum stage, which is what you want for highlights. The reason you can get nice light highlights in 1 step at the salon is because they often use 40v developer, which has the potential to wreck your hair. In my years of messing with chemicals at home, I've never touched 40v, and won't touch anything above 20v. Trying to get bleach highlights twice with 20v is nearly impossible because you'll surely miss some strands and end up with a few orange strands anyways. If you don't want platinum highlights, that can be even more difficult, or platinum hair in general for that matter, albeit less damaging. You will need to lift approximately 2 shades lighter than what you are going for, and then color over with the appropriate demi, which usually takes 2 tries to completely cover up the orange. I just did a color correction on myself, I bleached out brown hair dye to the gold stage, and am currently in the process of revolting. Right now, I have a medium golden/strawberry blonde, and it'll take one more color job to get it where I want, which is dark beige blonde. This is all over color btw. Highlights are something I'd leave to the pros because it's so difficult to do on your own, unles you want to take your chances on a cap highlighting kit. I don't mean to discourage you completely, but I want you to know what your in for, because I've spent a lot of money on color corrections after color screw-ups, and those are so damaging. Feel free to pm me too if you have any more questions, I have a lot of experience with color
high porosity (from coloring)

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