Sorry. I couldn't speak to your post while I was busy biting my tongue.
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This for me? Lol

How can I say goodbye P.L.G.
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LOL!!! No Sweetie. Not You. I had plenty to say for your situation but there is some rachetness around here that if I respond to like I want to I will get three days in the hole. I'm trying to be good in 2013.
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Dang I wana know about the other ratchetness! Cuz mine is.....a trip. I need some prayers from errrbody. Atheists, Christians, Catholics, all yall lol. Dead serious.

How can I say goodbye P.L.G.
Who's My Hair?
3c/4a-b looking stuff lol
BC- May 16, 2010
Why I chopped: heat damage/breakage
Luv'd my permed hair I just didnt take care of it.
LUVVV my natural hair!!!