I am not Jewish, but Oh my, I used to get the "what are you?" Question all the time. I do not look "applepie" meaning i have ethnic features...olive skin, darkcurly hair and brown eyes. I'd answer something along the lines of "human, female, woman, etc". They'd then proceed to make guesses...Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Albanian, Mexican...etc. it's interesting that no one would guess right. LOL. It is so rude!

Luthien wrote: "Do people really not consider it rude to just bust out with 'Are you Jewish?'"

I can top that... People often don't even hazard a guess when it comes to my heritage. I've been randomly asked, "So, what are you?!" sooo many times! Just totally out of the blue. I usually don't even realize at first that I'm being asked about my heritage. A few times it was definitely meant derisively, but I guess people can just be clueless and nosy. I don't even look very "mixed" or anything (in my opinion). I mean, I don't have East Asian features with naturally red hair, like one girl I knew. As I've noted before on this thread, I come from several Jewish ethnicities. The fact that there *are* quite a few Jewish ethnicities makes the whole "You look Jewish" thing even more ridiculous. Anyway, at least we more-enlightened people are given ample opportunity to feel righteous indignation...right?
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