My hair is very different than yours...but I would say your cleaning method is way too harsh and your conditioning is not nearly enough. Just an impression, tho. BS and ACV are supposed to be used occasionally. Not every day. And V05 (which one?) is super lightweight. It feels slippery so you think you are getting a good condition but in the long you (I) realize you're not.
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Thanks for responding, even though I'm pretty late to reply

I don't use baking soda every day. I probably end up doing it twice a week. That part has been going alright for the past 6 months or so. I can try switching to a sulfate free shampoo now that there's more available that aren't so expensive. It just doesn't feel like that's the part I'm having problems with.

I've tried two different conditioners and each one I use just seems to sit in my hair after I've rinsed it out. Everything just feels really greasy. When I don't use a conditioner, things are just fine.

I'm trying the plopping thing. It looks nice, but it takes FOREVER. Trying to stick with that, but in winter it kinda blows.