Hello, I've been trying to do the cg method for about a month and a half. on several occassions ive accidentily put products in my hair which have contained cones so i had to use a sulphate shampoo. While my hair seems healthier, it unfortunatly is not much curlier or neater. I want to start off again on a clean slate so i was just wondering if i need a shampoo that states 'clarifying' or if a normal sulphate shampoo will suffice. Also, while i clarify, do i apply the shampoo to just my scalp or the entire lengths?
My second question is if when you clarify, is it like starting again? do you lose all improvement your hair would have made by being cg? do you have to be strictly cg ( no sulphates) for a long period of time to actually notice a substantial difference?
thirdly, can i use a low poo (sulphate free shampoo) instead of co-washing if i feel like my hair is too greasy on a given day?

ps i have 2b/2c hair, medium density, medium width and low porosity.