hey all

i am fairly new to trying to full be come a curly girl!

i was wondering if we can all share our shower routine w our hair, products & how we style

we can give each other ideas and tips i think would be fun!

i will soon post of pic of my hair, probably later this afternoon

for me-
right now i am using hair chemist macadamia oil shampoo & conditioner
the shampoo i only use in my roots & rinse, the conditioner i slather on after and leave in shower for 5 minutes, once a week i do a deep overnight treatment with coconut oil, macadamia oil & olive oil.

when i get out of shower i leave my hair in a microfiber towell (today actually going to try my husbands teeshirt ive heard great things) for like 5 minutes, then comb with a wide tooth comb and i take my leave in my miracle 7 and some argan oil put it all through out my hair avoiding roots. i then twist my hair in a high bun and put towell back on for another 10 minutes to soak in product.

after that i take my hair out, add my treseme mousse & ion spray gel and start diffusing.

after diffusing i take my curling iron and go over a couple of stubborn spots (mix of 2b/c front and sides) ANNOYING! lol and finish w some loreal texturizing cream.

my hair has been pretty good using this method. but i really wanna try redken fresh curls line!

would love to hear everyones routine!!!
curl pattern:
shampoo & conditioner at the moment-
macadamia oil by hair chemist.
dt-coconut oil & macadamia oil deep conditioner
products i am loving at the moment:
macadamia oil leave in (hair chemist), miracle 7 leave in mist, ion spray gel, treseme heat protectant mousse & loreal hair texturizer