Thanks so much for all your help! I definitely don't want to go to the platinum stage for my highlights. I would like to do less of a difference (and less processing time etc. to lessen damage). I've heard people back and forth that some people say it's less damaging to have higher volume developer but you need it for less time and some say lower developer for more time is better. You think lower?

And yes, I would color over top to tone it to the right stage, although the color I would buy would be a very golden blonde because I'm looking for super warm color, almost strawberry blonde (which is funny that you have that right now!). In salons before, actually, I've had them use the red toner rather than purple to tone it to very warm, golden blonde, not ash. I wonder if with all this in mind, it would make it easier because I'm not doing anything drastic. Only lightening slightly and only toning slightly. But yes, I understand what you mean. I've heard so many crazy stories of mess-ups with people trying these things at home. I was actually going to buy a cap highlighting kit but my hair is long and I was just going to use the kit without the cap and get probably the same amount (not that many) but painted on evenly distributed. But obviously aside from it being difficult at home etc. you think that salon bleach is better quality. So I will definitely re-think and see if I want to pay what it takes haha! Thanks again!
High type: 2c/3a curl, a bit fine, medium density, VERY low porosity
Length: BSL (going for waist)
Ombre hair with warm brown/golden copper (grown out bleached ends and red henna overtop)
Hair loves touch.
Products: Live Clean but...
new here and currently researching better products to achieve better definition and VOLUME for my hair type! Haven't decided yet what to try....