For the pass couple weeks i have had a sore throat. i have felt like something was in my throat and i have a had a cough. i though i was getting the flu so have been doing want i can. this morning i work up choking. i couldnt breath. it was like i had something blocking my air way. i ran to the bathroom an tried to cough up what i assumed was some object that fell in my throat while i was sleep. i'm freaking out and gagging and crying and think i'm going to die! i try to give myself the heimlich maneuver. nothing! but i can feel something in the back of my throat. so i put my fingers now my throat to try to grab it. i look it the mirror, inside my mouth while trying to grab waht is trying to kill me. so instead of seeing what i usually see in my tongue, teeth, uvula, and the tunnel leading down to my throat and such, my uvuala is completely blocking my throat opening. its so swallon that waht I am trying to pull out of my throat is my uvula!!!

i ended up gargling with salt water and drinking warm water, it evenually went down so i could breath. its still bigger then normal, but now i'm thinking that my weeks long throat issue has beg my enlarged uvula. IS this possible? Can a uvula swell up like that?

i'm working on getting a doctors appointment, but everytime i call its busy. should i be going to the er or what?

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