Sounds like she has a pattern of choosing guys who are long-distance or otherwise unavailable for an actual in-person relationship.

Consciously or unconsciously, she must be getting something out of it. It's certainly an easy thing to fall into because on-line or over text it is easy to present an "improved" version of yourself and also easy to fall for the "improved" version of someone else.
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Yes, I had a friend that always had long distance relationships. Most of them she's just met once through a friend. Her last 'boyfriend' was one she never met in person. She was introduced online or phone through a friend and they talked everyday for almost 3 years. She was heartbroken when it ended and very bitter for a long time. They had an emotional relationship(so I heard some athlete admitted to this and it was on espn news yesterday) but I do believe there is something wrong with that when you are expecting it and defining to be something more.