The amount of misinformation on the interwebs in criminal. I found myself reading so many different articles and cussing. It's the biggest cluster **** I have ever seen.
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You've certainly got that right. We're lucky to have access to so much information, but in a lot of instances finding out the source of the information you're reading and if it's factual is almost as involved as the topic you're researching.

Krayt, thanks for the link. It certainly explains the differences and is exactly the confusion I had about the difference. I'm married to an avid gun enthusiast who is a walking gun encyclopedia and I didn't even have a clue what the differences were because guns are just not something I'm interested in.

One thing I'm trying to understand is why the huge push to ban those types of rifles when it seems handguns and smaller weapons are what is more likely to be used in a crime?

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