i have gotten some great information from people i actually know. i have several friends or relatives in the military i also have a friend who is a certified intructor and member of the NRA. they all agree we need tougher gun laws, but other things in this country has to change along with it. one friend said, which i kinda agree with, that everyone knows things are effened up but are so busy not wanting to be blamed and wanting to blame others that nothing is really going to change. they may pass something to try to please everyone, but in the end nothing will change.
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I get frustrated because almost every site has different info on background checks. It makes me mad for people. One person might read something that says no states do background check, and another seemingly up and up source says 20 states do them, and another seemingly legit source says "if the people entering the information into NCIC put the address in wrong, by mistake, the whole background check will be messed up and that person might get a gun anyway."

#1. I have been working on NCIC for 10 years. We do a signed double check system.
#2. It's not checked by address. Addresses can be trivial. People move.
#3. I hope people have read the Brady Act. This is why the president is discussing closing the gun show loop holes.

It just gets more frustrating for me, on behalf of others who might be trying to make an informed decision, because I know the ins and outs of the background check system.
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