The amount of misinformation on the interwebs in criminal. I found myself reading so many different articles and cussing. It's the biggest cluster **** I have ever seen.
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You've certainly got that right. We're lucky to have access to so much information, but in a lot of instances finding out the source of the information you're reading and if it's factual is almost as involved as the topic you're researching.

One thing I'm trying to understand is why the huge push to ban those types of rifles when it seems handguns and smaller weapons are what is more likely to be used in a crime?
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Oh yes to number one. I would rather people make their own informed decisions, no matter what they might be, but half this stuff is enough to make you mad as a hatter.

I would say they want the ban on that type of weapon because it is the most likely to be used in mass shootings, and causes the maximum loss of lives. It is also a huge problem for law enforcement on the streets. It's much harder to handle a situation where someone is using a weapon that sprays bullets, and can cut through cars and building, than someone with a handgun. *and you have the questions of types, modifications, clips, etc. and being able to buy large supplies of bullets in one purchase, on and on* :-/

One more thing and then I will hush. I believe high capacity magazines were used at SHE. If I am not mistaken you can buy mags for the AR-15 that hold 30, 60 and 100 rounds. Perhaps more, I am not sure. That's a great deal of fire power.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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