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Manti Te'o hoax: Do you believe he is a victim?
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i was reading through to see if anyone mentioned this.

i don't think anyone is in a real romantic relationship with someone they've never SEEN in person and TALKED to over the phone, alot. there should be skyping, talking and some in person visits before you can say you're a real couple. if the person does not really exist you can't have a relationship. plain and simple.

*** eta...i will say one of my best friends in the whole world i met on here. she lived in another state. we became friends after a thread, that lead to a pm that lead to many emails, phone conversations, becoming fb friends, sharing pictures and so on. we finally met in person after like 2-3 years. it was funny, everything was exactly as we'd both said, we hung out for a weekend and then resumed our friendship via emails and talking like always. it is a real friendship because neither of us were lying, it was pretty verifable we're both real people and friendships don't necessarily require the same level of in person contact that a romantic relationship would in my opinion. ***
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And I think it's a bit different for platonic friends vs a romantic relationship bc in the latter, you kinda need there to be some sexual chemistry which you can't guage in emails, etc.

But w/ a platonic friend, I obviously don't care and how you look and carry yourself wouldn't matter that much me.