I texted him because I felt horrible and said that I was going to go back home. He started going on about how I'll feel better in a few weeks with time and how I'm better here in France. Then he stops, and when I call him he ignores my calls. I'm hurt but I know it's my all damn fault cause he doesn't give a **** about me and my feelings being hurt. I wanna cut my heart out because it would hurt less than being found less valuable than someone who shouldn't.
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hunny its time for some tough love: we have spent over 8 pages here dedicated to encouraging and building you up after your ex broke your heart to pieces.

Sometimes we get so complacent that we forget our worth. You have heard it here and im sure from your mom and friends that you are worth more than this ass. You do not need to be doing anything to get this mans attention you are worth more than that. He should be the one stalking you and pleading his case about how sorry he is. Clearly he dont care about you and you know this so stop it.

The sooner you go on with your life the more you will get over this nitemare and find peace again. You hitting him up not only makes you look desperate but he is probably getting a kick out of it. Trust all of us when we say we have been there. When i first got my heart ripped out of my chest i had no one to give me advice i went through a great depression, you dont know how lucky you are to have people on here who care about you and your well being praying and giving you good advise. You will see the moment you disregard him and move forward thats when he will come running back...and hunny theres no feeling greater than when he realized what he had and wants you back but you have already evolved from him. Men are funny its like a game to them when you play it rite it will seem like your pulling all the strings


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