I can only speak for myself, but I only really like the Coconut and Hibiscus line. It also smells AWESOME.
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Really???? not the shea butter or black soap line ???

Dang. SM is going hard. If the prices stay relatively low and easily available on the ground, other expensive like Miss Jessie's might lose some clientele.[/QUOTE]

I hate ms jessies products it dries my hair out like no other I can not use their products... and yeah SM doesnt have to compete with them because SM products are relatively cheap and THEY ACTUALLY WORK... not to mention the icing on the cake that they are all natural.. MS jessies doesn't hold a candle to them at all.. ms jessies doesnt work, its expensive and it has so many chemicals in it.

I want.

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Why do some states get so many locations, while other states get none? Portland, OR is like the land of all things natural and organic.

Actually it's the entire Pacific NW. WA isn't on the list either!
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lmao i laughed at these gifs and the lil smiley protester

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