What did you guys think of the Broomhilda character?

I must say I was a little disappointed that there was not really much for her in the script. I tend to expect more from QT because while his portrayals of women are not without issues he usually has a number of interesting, fleshed out female characters in his movies, but both this and Basterd were kind of lacking.

On the other hand, I think she was portrayed in a way that black women rarely are in most films. So many movies show black women as one stereotype or another. If a black woman is shown as at all attractive/desirable then it is usually as "exotic" or over-the-top oversexualized. Either that or she is the asexual angry black woman. I remember seeing the shots where Django is imagining he sees Hildy in the field in the yellow dress and thinking that black women are so rarely filmed in this manner to create this kind of mood.
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I thought it was natural we got only small glimpses of her bc she was kind of the "McGuffin" of the story. And if too many details about her had been provided, we might have been like, "Django, man, just move on! She is so not worth the aggravation." LOL