I have mixed emotions on this. It worries me as well, and fOr myself, it's a giant NO! My best friend has different feelings about it. He does a hefty amount of on line chatting. This is how he met the guy he is currently involved with. They have been talking, non stop, for a few months now. It moved from on line, to text and telephone calls. Until a few weeks ago, they had never met in person. They have spent 2 days around each other, and at this point they are in a relationship and both are "in love". This makes me nervous. The guy lives 6 hours away. As many know, 'long distance' has it's own set of issues.

I can however understand that they have built a mental connection first. This guy does seem to be who he says he is, so far. What the future holds, we shall see. I have tried to keep an open mind and remain supportive YET honest.

I think there are many dangers in establishing a relationship, and the L word, with someone you have spent no time (or 48 hours) face to face with.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??