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Manti Te'o hoax: Do you believe he is a victim?
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I guess so, he was lied to but why is this news? I don't understand why we need to know about this at all?? People get tricked/duped sometimes. It sucks but what's the point of announcing it to the world?
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I'm under the impression there's a good chance that he wasn't actually tricked but was part of the hoax in order to get publicity?
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Okay, so just making sure, this is for publicity - whether he's in on it or not. It's just annoying that this stuff makes news. I know it does when other famous pointless people do so(paris hilton, kim k, etc) but was surprised an athlete is trying to get fame this way.

I read an article on it and this is the funniest reply ever
"This is kind of like when Jan Brady dated George Glass on the Brady Bunch"