Wow, you've tried so much, IDK what else to suggest, but you'll sure be in my thoughts and prayers!
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Thank you, I need it.
I know of a couple of practices in the Atlanta area that practice "integrative" medicine, which seems to be traditional Western medicine combined with homeopathic and/or naturaopathic with some accupuncture/-pressure and Ayurvedic ideas thrown in - and probably more than I'm not remembering or don't know about.

Anyway, I know of a couple of people who had seemingly unsolvable problems such as yours who gave them a try. They seemed to go the extra mile to really try to find out the origins of their problems and then help resolve them with the least invasive, most natural way(s) possible.

Maybe look for something similar in your area? Since they're M.D.'s, I think insurance still covers most, if not all, of what they do.
I have been to a naturopath and through acupuncture. The naturopath wanted to put me on cortisone, which is not natural (Predinose) and all the side effects that go with it (Moon face, weight gain), and I went to acupuncture for months...and nothing. She did give me Chinese herbs to try but I read those particular ones cause liver damage. That's not a viable trade off for me.
If you were seeing an enocrinologist about adrenal testing, do you mean to say it still wouldn't be covered??
Supposedly, the best adrenal guage is a saliva test and yes, insurance does not cover that.

After all I've tried, I'm broke AND balding!