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Manti Te'o hoax: Do you believe he is a victim?
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I guess so, he was lied to but why is this news? I don't understand why we need to know about this at all?? People get tricked/duped sometimes. It sucks but what's the point of announcing it to the world?
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I'm under the impression there's a good chance that he wasn't actually tricked but was part of the hoax in order to get publicity?
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It's not just for 15 minutes of fame in this case, though, if Manti is involved. It is for publicity which was part of his campaign for the Heisman - more name recognition, etc., and more chance to make millions straight out of college. It's gone from a joke hoax to attempting to manipulate emotions to get millions out of it. Heck, it was that even if he was deceived, which I doubt given how contradictory stories were... and I think his parents were in on it, too. His father gave too many statements as if he had met this girl when he really didn't to think he was oblivious to it all.
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