Ok, it isn't "bookless" per se...

San Antonio is getting the country's first e-book ONLY library. saw this article >> The Future Is Now: Nation's First Bookless Library Coming to Texas thought it was interesting considering I live in Texas (not san antonio though)

It's going to be called BiblioTech (get it? heh.) and there will be a physical location available for people to check out the actual e-reader

What do y'all think? Would you ever make a trip to the e-library? lol
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I read that in our paper on Sunday (I live in San Antonio). I was like, "Why do you need a brick-and-mortar library to check out e-books?" I check out e-books from the library all the time, and never leave the house.

I just don't really see a need for it, other than that part of town is severely underserved by city services and they see this as a relatively cheap way to put a library down there.

That said, my husband and I will make the trek to see it when it opens.

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