I finally tried out this product after a lot of research on the company and on keratin treatments in general. I wanted to try something new and stronger than what I've been using for awhile, and Uncurly fit my budget.

I am pretty shocked by my results. I naturally have 3B hair, but I've been using Ion brand keratin (from Sally's) for about two years now. It took me about a year and a half to get to where I was before I used Uncurly- which was kind of a wavy curl. The ends were almost straight while my roots never lasted very long and were curly. I kept using Ion because it's cheap and seemed like it kind of worked. Before Uncurly I had never used anything as strong as it is. I didn't even know it could be this strong.

So with my hair already not being virgin, but also being very fine, Uncurly totally straightened my hair. It looks like I flat ironed it today- it's very weird but I'm getting used to it. I used it as directed and ironed at 450, so maybe next time I will lower the temp to keep some curl. My results are incredibly smooth, soft, shiny frizz free straight hair. If that's what you're looking for, this could be your answer.

It comes with a pre shampoo which I actually really liked. In the past I would use Ion's clarifying shampoo which really dried me out and made it impossible to comb without conditioner (which you can't use.) But the Uncurly shampoo didn't strip me at all. I washed once since I don't have virgin hair.

The post shampoo was nice too- not much of a lather which I like and seemed to help sort of clarify my treated hair without stripping. Usually my hair smells a little weird for a day or so after a treatment but it smells fine after using that shampoo.

The treatment itself was very new to me. The Ion brand I was using was very watery, sort of caramel colored, and smelled nutty and not very chemically. The Uncurly treatment is very thick- kind of like a thick conditioner. It was a little more difficult to spread on the hair since it wasn't soaking in really. I tried not to use a lot and in total probably used a few tablespoons. One thing I will say- they specify in the directions to use gloves, and if you don't it's okay but your hands will get chapped. They are completely right. I didn't use gloves because I never did with my other treatment, but the hand I used to help spread out the treatment with got very dry for a few days. Not too uncomfortable but just a little weird.

The smell of the treatment did bother me quite a bit. It mostly bothered me when I applied it near my face- my eyes and nose were really irritated. Oddly enough it didn't bother me much at all when I was straightening it out. I had a fan to blow the steam away from my face which worked great, but I'm not sure there's a solution to the smell when I'm applying it to my hair. I think I can deal with it every few months since I had such amazing results.

I will continue using this product since apparently the Ion brand does very little in comparison.. I really hope Uncurly will start selling separate larger bottles of just the treatment so I don't have to re-buy the little shampoo's!

Here are some before and after pictures:
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