Something just popped into my head. Soleil, did you and ex talk about the future when you were together? As in REAL plans, not maybes.
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Yes. Or is it maybe? Part of the reason this messed me up as much as it did was that I was expecting to be engaged this year since last year when we talked about it he said to give him a year. But looking back on it it was always me who kept talking about what we were going to do together outside of our individual plans. He really wasn't as committed as he was when we first got together and I should have just let it go but I didn't. Now I know I have to really move on. Today is the first day I didn't feel like crap all day, I managed to eat, and I hope I will get my first nights sleep in weeks.

I'm in the process of looking at the cost of living arrangements in the coming months when I'm done being an au pair. I started my CV and hopefully I'll have it done tomorrow for a job that I would like to have. I wasted 2 and a half weeks of this year doing nothing because I was so upset when I have a lot of work to do. I'm done with it. Thank you guys so much.
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One day at a time. Do you think you are in love with him or in love with the person you built in your mind him to be? Cuz Sounds to me you are In love with a dream of a fairytale ever after and that is what's hard for you to let go. Deep down I think you knew this was just a plain ole frog you were kissing. Just think if you had married him. Maybe had kids. Then found all this out. That means you would be stuck dealing with this jerk for decades. But you're not stuck. You're free. Free like Cealie from Curly Purple when she ditched Mista's sorry butt.
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He was my first everything. But you're all right. It wasn't going to last and I chose not to see it.
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