Finger combing! I could never do that before because my fingers snagged between the curls which caused them to break and create less defined hair and frizz. It would also make my poor tangle prone hair even worse. But this time I rewet my hair with a spray bottle beforehand and it was like magic. My hair was manageable and had decent slip even though it wasn't sopping wet and full of conditioner. This probably won't work for everybody but for me it was a dream come true. I worked through my hair very gently of course, but I didn't lose any more than three or four hairs. Then I took a little more (diluted) curling custard to apply to areas that needed it. Then I scrunched up and to the sides. It reactivated the product and my hair looks awesome. Not as curly as day one hair (as per usual) but for the first time it looks not just beach wavy but styled wavy. I'm really digging it.

So I just have to say. . .

Dear Kinky Curly & Co.,

Your products are amazing. Please never stop making them. You are my true HG styling line and I love you so very, very much.

Xs and Os,