adThomas, I'll admit I didn't catch that line. I was more focused on the haircare aspects than the styling ones. Yeesh. That is funny.

rbb, Yes I know. I should be careful with other sites. It's probably best to hang around here which is why I asked. I was just wondering because my As I Am Coconut Co-wash which my hair really likes (although my scalp doesn't, but that's another story) seems to be very popular amongst the 3Cs-4Cs. I'm a 3A but I frigging love that stuff. I'm only planning on trying out something else because of my scalp issues. But I guess you never know. Your hair, for instance, looks a lot like mine since we have similar curl patterns. But then you're medium texture, not coarse. So maybe I'm not so coarse but coarse to medium. . .? I don't know about you but my hair seems to be much coarser around the top of my head or the crown area. Underneath it is smoother.